26 Jan 2015



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1 Jul 2014

oversized MASKS

Handmade, thick paper and black pen MASKS.
Red colour detail inside the snouts.

Made them listening to Directions to See a Ghost by The Black Angels

(process from my Instagram @sarafeio)

6 Apr 2014

Loricera beetle

Latest Scientific Illustration piece.

All done in stippling (dotwork), but this time digitally, using the scratchboard method but with a Wacom instead ;)
I thought it would save me a lot of time to do this insect digitally instead of by hand (had already started the head in scratchboard many months ago).....

Turns out that instead of the 20-30 hours I was counting on taking to finish it, it took me almost 60 hours total! (not counting breaks and procrastination moments in-between)

It will be the cover of a scientific publication about insects in Madeira, Portugal.

Final work and details:

 Work-in-progress screen grabs:

31 Mar 2014

Backyard Night

Backyard was a 1 night Event/Exhibition/Music night in Lisbon and I was invited, alongside a handful of awesome portuguese artists, to participate with 2 pieces - Fox Mask and Siamese Deer screenprinted poster.

Didn't manage to go because I was stuck at home finishing up another work (soon to come, scientific illustration piece), but I stole a picture from their Facebook eheheh

22 Mar 2014


I have been making more animal masks.
More details to come....

18 Jan 2014

Cover for the 1st issue of Publicações NABO

The cover I did for a new photography zine called Publicações NABO.
The first issue was called Carlitos, and that's the name of the guy who takes care of the animals in the farm they were taking pictures at….. so maybe you can guess where I'm going with this eheheh

3 Jan 2014


Happy New Year!
2014 is going to be full of great new things:

-I'm working on a new video for Pernas de Alicate
 Doing some new illustrations for the project as well, and contacting some new illustration and photography collaborators while the other half of the project (Carlos BB) is finishing up the next song and starting a new one with new amazing musician-guests. This is a project full of new things ALL THE TIME, so check it out;

-There will be new limited edition illustration sweats and t-shirts very soon;

-Until June I will be drawing Royal Camellias from Portugal, Sintra for my Master's Degree in Scientific Illustration and by the end of the year, if all goes as planned, I will be a super duper Master! yey!

Some other things planned but can't really say too much about it yet… book cover, collective exhibition, a solo exhibition…. 2014 is going to be intense, as it should because I LOVE working.

But for now, here are some of my favourite works from 2013!!

22 Dec 2013

Pernas de Alicate, Booklet

We (Pernas de Alicate) have just released a limited edition booklet we are calling "Edição Física".

 It contains not only a recap of some of the work done so far by me and other artists but also some new photographs and illustrations from guests like Rui Aguiar, André da Loba, Fidel Évora, Filipa Alves, Mariana Cáceres and Cosmic Nuggets.

 The booklet also comes with the free download of the 2 existing songs "Mosca" and "Barba" and two remixes.

 Watch the beautiful motion graphics André da Loba did with 1min of Octa Push's remix of "Barba".
 And the visuals Alec Strang did with a 1min sound clip from Dj Ride's remix of "Mosca".

Other links of mine to follow!

I really apologise for not updating this blog more often, constantly converting images into the right size just for the sake of updates is a pain in the @ss.

BUT, i do constantly update work into:


♥ Thanks for following my work ♥

12 Dec 2013

Screenprinted Deer tees

New t-shirts, limited edition.

White with black print
Blue with white print
Unissex - S, M, L, XL
More info/Orders: sarafeio@live.com

(photos by Filipe Feio)