16 Sep 2007

*01 Grey Gardens - Rufus Wainwright

I've started some music illustrations for "songs I like" - to 'like' a song is vague i know, but i didn't want to call it songs-with-an-interesting-sound-which-have-great-lyrics-and-fit- -my-illustrative-slash-narrative-preference ... i'm sure i'll come up with a better name by the end of it (any suggestions btw??)

The first obvious choice (for me) is Rufus Wainwright. His songs are so different from each other and that made it so hard to chose ONE to illustrate, also, many of his lyrics are amazing narratives and have great symbolic elements that would make for great complex images - but I guess because he is also so descriptive in many songs, the elements are TOO MANY for only one, simple, black and white essence-catcher of an image.
Although it's not on my top 5 Rufus' songs (maybe on the top 10) Grey Gardens seemed like a powerful choice. 'Simple', soft song with a lot of good symbolic references - specially after finding out what it really was about: When he was only a teen, visiting London, Rufus went to a bar and pulled (or got pulled by) an older guy that 'invited' him to a night stroll in the park and then raped him. In the lyrics "Tadzio, over you", Tadzio being the young boy of Thomas Mann's Death in Venice and in the song's title, Grey Gardens like the 1976 Documentary (after watching this i was so glad i left home so young!) there's such a big feeling of wanting to get over the past and even if not all is forgotten, just turning the page (even if sometimes by force).

Rufus WainwrightGrey Gardens

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