14 Mar 2008

The Conjoined teens' book

Last year I was given a brief entitled The Anatomy of Reading. It asked me to defy the way a book is read or constructed.

At about the same time I saw a documentary on Channel 4 about two amazing conjoined twins, Abigail and Brittany Hensel .

They share the same body but have very different personalities and tastes. They might be attached to each other but they value their individuality! So.. I made a book they both could read!

The same book. The same pages. The same text and illustrations. Each side belongs to a girl and was made specially for her (e.g. the left side suits Britt as she has a slight head angle)

The book has 21marked pages and 6 illustrations.

The text is Oscar Wilde's poems and short-story (1.Madonna Mia // 2.The Sphinx // 3.The Selfish Giant // 4.The Dole of the King's Daughter // 5.Requiescat)

This week I reprinted the book, bound it, re-did the cover, trimmed and photographed it. There were some minor mistakes that needed to be corrected - and the new cover is simple as the old one had too much noise. I also re-did the Madonna Mia illustration.

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