19 Dec 2010

Tempo / Time (work-in-progress)

"nos ossos guardamos a essência do voo e na pele a solidão de muitos caminhos"
"in the bones we keep the essence of the flight and in the skin the solitude of many routes"*
Al Berto, in Apresentação da Noite

*a rough translation

My intention in this work was to explore the fleeting in the skin: the marks that seem to last forever but only do so when we hold on to them. They are the memories, and although they don't last forever and are distorted most of the times, in our head they seem everlasting - for a certain period of time.

Digital photographs of temporary marks on the skin made by applying pressure using specific patterns.
(this is work in progress)


underexplosions said...

interesting. I love it when I fall asleep on class and I get those marks all over my face :( good job here*

Sara Feio said...

what patterns (on your face)? :)
obrigada x

underexplosions said...

mochila, argolas do caderno, por aí. para a próxima tiro uma foto e envio-te.

Nádia said...

:O ADOREI! Estou rendida! Sigo :)))


Sara Feio said...

Obrigada Nádia x x x