18 Oct 2012

Lucy's on Fire

My friend Luciana came home drunk one night...
She was hungry and decided to fry up an 'Alheira' (Ok, I have no idea of the english name for this, it's like a Chouriço basically..  since I've been a vegetarian for 12 years I can't tell you what the difference between them is). She sat down for a second and fell asleep...
When she woke up the whole kitchen was on fire.

Luciana was staying at a friend's house and now the whole kitchen is destroyed.
She is returning to Brazil soon and has no way of paying for the damage so she organised a benefit event to raise the money.

I did this poster for it. For her.
I only used Micron 005 pens (red and black) for this drawing.
Making mistakes was insane because I had to start all over again in a new sheet. It took me 3 days: 1 for mistakes and 2 to draw all the patterns in the final poster.
Having said that, I think I'm getting way faster because the Owl drawing took me about the same time and was a lot less complex and a lot smaller too.
By next month I'll be doing A1 posters in a day!! eheheh (Not!)

Digital prints will be for sale at the event, Sunday 21st.
160gsm matt paper, A3.

• Detail

• The Process (poster on my IG @sarafeio )

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inês said...

és tão UM GÉNIO, dudette.
W A N T.
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