30 Jan 2013

Exhibitions we put up in London

I've been going through my Hard Drive and thought I'd post these here.
Our class put up quite a few exhibitions while studying illustration at London College of Communication, and these particular two are from when I was in year 2.

These exhibitions were awesome, a lot of stress but they worked very well because they were Fun exhibitions! They were interactive and entertaining, with a lot of great illustration work.
I think Lisbon needs to have something like this ASAP.

1 + 2 = 3 was a mix between year 1 and year 2 students. We filled a room at LCC with balloons, each one with an illustration on a postcard. Take-away Postcards.
We had a dj playing and it was just fun, people could grab as many postcards as they wanted and take home the illustrations they liked.

In the end we had to close down earlier because the helium from all the balloons set off the university's fire alarm eheheh

Grass Roots was a year 2 + year 3 mix and part of the Free Range Festival in Brick Lane.
 We filled a room with real grass so people could sit down while flicking through our sketchbooks, walk around and look at our illustrations or just chill out listening to some live music.

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