2 May 2013

From Sines with love

 Today is my last day of a Scientific Illustration Residency in a sea lab. It has been 5 amazing days of looking at, and photographing, weird creatures in low tides and coming back to the house to draw them. I wish I could stay for an extra week.... Oh well.

 Here's a quick-ish illustration of Strawberry Anemones, or Actinia fragacea, found at low tide.
When out of water or in danger they look like ugly strawberry-blobs on the rocks, but when they start to open and you see the colour on the inside and the tentacles (which can be as many as 200!!) it's just so amazing!

  I have a new Tumblr called a Dot a Day, where I will be posting daily dotwork illustrations.
  Today is day#2 and these Anemones are there.

(black Micron pen + digital colour)

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