29 Jul 2013

Artwork for Homem Elefante (the new Riding Pânico album)

Artwork for Homem Elefante, the new Riding Pânico album.
This was a collaboration between me and the photographer Dunya Rodrigues.

Homem Elefante = Elephant Man

 I am super happy with the final result but we made more than one option for them to choose from. It was fun to play around with the images that Dunya took of the band and do these distorted collages (below), I think I need to find something to do with the non-chosen ones because it's a waste to have all this extra material in a drawer.

If you are curious to hear the album, the band has released it for free download HERE or to listen to online HERE. There is no physical CD, only a Vinyl edition (the artwork looks SO much better in a bigger format eheheh, great move.)

Final Artwork: Cover with sticker (img1)
Before Text: Back+Front and Inside image(img2,img3);
Cutting-out: Sketchbook / Work-in-Progress (img4, img5).


Leftovers: Other options and Sketchbook work

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