24 Oct 2013

Mixing up Illustration with Photography

This time I decided to try to do line and dotwork digitally instead of using ink.
(Photoshop & Wacom Intuos)

I have to say though, it didn't make the process quicker, it actually made it slower because I could put in so much more detail in... But it is much easier to correct mistakes and there is no scanning and clean-up needed!

This was a collaboration for Pernas de Alicate, in which the photographer Sofia Yu did two portraits and gave them to me to do my own thing on top of it.
The first tasmanian illustration attempt went Okay but I ended up not using it. It didn't fit any of the faces and by the time I made de second I realised I could really play with the opacity and transparency of the mouth Vs. the face underneath.

It was super fun working with Sofia. She does beautiful photographs of landscape and portraits and is very easy to work with. Stoked.

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