22 Dec 2013

Pernas de Alicate, Booklet

We (Pernas de Alicate) have just released a limited edition booklet we are calling "Edição Física".

 It contains not only a recap of some of the work done so far by me and other artists but also some new photographs and illustrations from guests like Rui Aguiar, André da Loba, Fidel Évora, Filipa Alves, Mariana Cáceres and Cosmic Nuggets.

 The booklet also comes with the free download of the 2 existing songs "Mosca" and "Barba" and two remixes.

 Watch the beautiful motion graphics André da Loba did with 1min of Octa Push's remix of "Barba".
 And the visuals Alec Strang did with a 1min sound clip from Dj Ride's remix of "Mosca".

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